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The Occupy Together Field Manual (wiki)

This is an excellent manual with information on health, safety, rights, logistics, the consensus process and ideas for organizing a local occupation.

Declaration of Occupation from the September 29, 2011 NY General Assembly


 Other Groups

Occupy Wall Street

Occupy Together

Occupy Maine

Occupy Augusta

Occupy UMO

Occupy Colleges



How Does A General Assembly Work? (Occupy Bangor)

What Do We Mean By Consensus (Occupy Bangor)

Consensus Building (a video from OWS that explains the consensus process)

Take the Square Quick guide on group dynamic’s in people’s assemblies

Know Your Rights

Coming Soon.



Posters, Artwork, Flyers

Posters and Flyers for you to print and share

OCCUPY BANGOR Call to action (Flyer for Occupy Bangor Call to Action)

OCCUPY BANGOR Call to action flyer for Saturday

If you don’t know what’s going on FLYER

Occupy Design

This site has very nice printable graphics for posters and logistics signs.



We are the 99%

A blog where you can submit photos with handwritten signs explaining why they are the 99% in America.

Occupy Wall Street Care Packages

A blog collection of letter and care packages sent to Occupy Wall Street from around the world.


Videos from the national movement

We are the 99%



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